Detailed information about the 3 key fobs

I used to misplace my keys almost every day. So my son and I invented this convenient key organizer that I have not seen anywhere else. I no longer fumble in my bag or ask people if they have seen my keys. My customers also love this feature. The key organizer is the number one feature that makes this bag unique and it is now trademarked.

It is also great for people who have a lot of keys to manage.

It’s not easy to tell why people love this device so much, but I’ll try my best to show you why. If any of you guys use this device in a different way, please let me know and I’ll add your ideas to this post!

So, here it is and I hope it helps you too:

Description of the key hooks

There are 3 elastic key fobs total in this backpack:

  • the key organizer with its 2 key fobs is inside the kangaroo pouch on the back of the backpack like on the video above, and
  • one more key fob is inside the main compartment.

👉🏻 The 3 key hooks are rotating carabiners on long elastic leashes so that you do not have to remove your hostel/locker/bicycle lock keys from the hooks when unlocking/locking the doors and you do not have to detach your wallet when you are using it. This way, you always know where your keys are and you never forget them either. This device is a time-saver that brings you some peace of mind.

I am unlocking a door while the key organizer is stretched out to reach the lock

Benefits of the exclusive key organizer in the back of the backpack

  • Since the elastic leashes are long enough, you will be able to reach your house door without having to remove the key from the key fob, and you will be able to use your card pouch comfortably without detaching it either.
  • If your wallet is attached to one of the hooks when you are using it at the ATM or cash register, no one will be able to snatch it from you. That's really cool when you are travelling.
  • You can hang a ton of key sets on each hook, and never have to remove them either in order to use them.
  • If you have a lot of keys hooked, it is easy to sort through them while they all are on the hooks.
  • You can attach anything else instead of keys: USB, coin pouch, earbud case, wallet, etc.
  • When things are attached to a hook, they will not fall off the bag whenever you are fumbling through the bag. It happened to me once to lose a small medical pouch when I was searching my bag on a night bus in Latin America. I did not notice that it fell off. No more of that either!

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This photo shows how the key organizer looks once it is put away in the kangaroo pouch at the back of the backpack. One can also see the vertical side zipper which is the pocket for smartphones

Thanks to the design, you will not feel a bulge in your back.

This is a video showing how to use the hooks when you have a ton of keys to manage (this video is from our other website, but the concept is the same):

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Let me know if you are using these key fobs in a more creative way or if you have any suggestions in the comment section. Thank you for reading this post.







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