In this article, we show you why we created this specific nomad backpack. This product was created based on features that digital nomads were not finding in their current backpacks. Over there in Tulum, Mexico. 

A young girl and a young man are walking in an exotic street while wearing Tulum backpacks

  • As a digital nomad, you may be having a hard time finding a backpack that does not stick to your back in hot weather, packs flat in your luggage or can be used as a large packing cube, is specifically organized for your lifestyle and will keep your belongings safe in a tropical downpour or in the jungle; all while being comfortable, durable and washable.
View of the back of the beige backpack when the rain shell is stretched out over the edges
    • We now have so many little gadgets to carry around that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of all of them: adapters, cords, cables, EarPods, earphones, USB flash drives, iPods, smartphone, tablet, wallet, keys for this, keys for that, computer glasses, external battery, chargers, dongles, AirTag, etc. Where the heck do we put all this when we are on the go, or even at home?

    View of the two level mesh pocket inside the main compartment
    This photo shows the invisible secret pocket for AirTag, passport, cash and credit cards
    • How many times did you look for your hostel, bicycle or locker keys, your glasses, your earbuds and asked around?
    View of the key organizer in the back of the backpack, with several keys and a wallet attached to the hooks
      • How many times did you have to fumble in your backpack or even empty it on the couch just to get ahold of a tiny USB at the very bottom?
      This shows a USB flash drive hanging from the hook inside the main compartment
          • Another thing is, in the back of our minds, don’t we all kind of have some concern for the environment? Is it cool to always purchase things in polyester, microfiber, nylon etc. Aren’t they all the same thing in the end: plastic straight from the petroleum industry.
          Close up of the hemp and cotton material of the backpack
            • Lastly, aren’t we tired of carrying huge bags and backpacks? Do we really need to log around all the stuff that fills up our bags? Weeding out what we do not need makes for less messy bags, lighter loads and a more pleasant experience. The Tulum bags are just the right size - not too big, not too small.

            The two backpacks are laid flat on a table and two young people are typing away on their laptops next to the backpacks

            So, all in all, these are the reasons why this backpack was created. The cellphone, keys and wallet are always in place. Cables, tech peripherals and USB are no longer buried at the bottom. Customers have been enjoying all the features, including the awesome magnets for closure and the wide adjustable straps. And as always, our main objective is to listen to what you need and give it to you.

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