Now that we all got used to wearing padded laptop backpacks, why would anyone come up with the opposite concept?

This idea found me when I was not looking or asking. I would never have thought of a laptop backpack that is soft and has no padding at all, and actually there are no other laptop backpacks with no padding in the straps and no padding whatsoever in the main compartment, that I know of.

At first I didn’t think it could work because all the laptop backpack brands are putting more and more emphasis on extra padding and multiple compartments. But this was a non negotiable requirement by the experienced digital nomads I was talking to in Tulum, and I understood why. 

The main reason behind this concept is: it allows to pack the bag flat in checked luggage using minimal space. When nomads arrive at their destination, they «ditch» their larger travel backpack and grab this smaller daypack for their daily commute to the internet work space or on a trip to the pyramids! It works for both work and leisure.

This is actually important to them - being able to take along a packable backpack for everyday use that remains comfortable enough to carry when holding a laptop, and also that is not sticky in the heat (natural fibers)!

The beige backpack is set flat inside a suitcase, next to a straw hat

The nomads I met were unable to find a backpack of this type so they stuck with their large and sweaty backpack every day or they were using a makeshift bag that was not practical. It’s a hassle. They simply asked me to create the backpack of their dream! This was in March 2021 in Tulum, Mexico.

The absence of padding is compensated for by wide straps (5 cm, 2 inches wide) that allow to carry the backpack comfortably enough even when it holds a laptop, but laptops need to be inside a padded sleeve.

The absence of padding inside the main compartment also allows to use this backpack for non-laptop day trips while enjoying the full capacity of the bag, which means that it can be used daily by anyone, not only digital nomads.

Two young people are pushing their bicycles on a sidewalk while wearing the backpacks

When came the time to try out this backpack with an older 15.6 inch Toshiba laptop (thick and heavy), I was very surprised how comfortable it was to carry just like this. It is a different sensation from a padded backpack but it feels nice.

One thing that can be done to promote comfort is to set a sweater or any type of soft layer on the side of the backpack inside the main compartment that will be in contact with your back and then to place the laptop against this soft layer. This way you create your own padding.

Laptops 13-15.6 inches inside their own padded sleeve fit in this bag. It’s possible that a 16 inch MacBook Air fits because it’s so thin.

This concept has be seen as innovative or at least this is one of the main features that make this backpack unique, together with the exclusive key-organizer and the double level mesh pocket. 

So now that this backpack is created, I thank my digital nomad friends for their valuable input, and I hope I am offering a solution that will be useful to many nomads.






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