With 1.9 pounds (880 g), one would expect the Tulum daypack to be too heavy for all day carry.

A young woman is carrying the Tulum bag in beige. A palm tree is in the background


This bag surprised us. We gave it the OK after testing it. Once you have the Tulum bag on your back it just feels nice, and the weight is no longer an issue. Nobody has complained about the weight of this bag. You just forget you are wearing it. This surprising effect could be due to the wide comfy straps as well as to the way the bag just conforms to your back in a soft way.


Two young women are looking at the Pacific ocean with binoculars while wearing the beige and the black Tulum backpack


But of course, any backpack will become too heavy to carry if the load exceeds a reasonable level. Besides, like any other backpack, adjusting the straps the right way so that the load spreads along your back helps a lot.

The Tulum backpack will feel comfortable to wear when it contains what you need for a day trip, including a water bottle. And it will also work well for carrying your laptop and notebooks back and forth to the coworking space or school.

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