Although the color of the beige backpack is light, it does not get dirty fast. I wore mine for months before I had to wash it. I am also careful not to set my backpack on dirty or muddy surfaces. 

If your beige or black backpack got wet in the rain simply hang it to air dry. Pull out the rain shell so that it dries easily and open all the zippers. You can pull out the lining too to speed up the drying. Drying your backpack in a dryer would make it shrink. 

How to wash your dear backpack:

  • We suggest you remove the rain shell that’s inside the bottom zipper pocket at the back of the backpack. All it needs is a simple wiping clean. It will go back in its pocket after the backpack dries.
  • Next the AirTag, passport and cash come out of the secret pocket at the bottom of the main compartment.
  • Your backpack hates washing machines. Here’s our suggestions: Place it in the sink or a bucket of cold water with regular laundry detergent. Smokers can add a cup of white vinegar (for removing cannabis/tobacco smell) at this stage. Swish around gently. Soap up stains or dirty areas by hand with laundry soap.
  • Keep in mind that natural fibers are damaged by bleach and harsh detergents.

  • Rinse with cold water until there are no more suds. 2 or 3 rinses should be enough. Empty bucket in between rinses. 

  • Hang to dry in the shade. DO NOT USE DRYER. Dryers would make your backpack shrink.
Pulling the lining towards the outside will facilitate drying.

    For best drying, it is recommended to leave the zipper pockets open.

    Leave the zippers open when drying the backpack

    • If needed, iron on highest heat setting with maximum steam (after removing the rain shell), insisting on the edges of the flap so that it looks really flat. Make sure that the sole of your iron is perfectly clean before your start. Apply a lot of pressure and steam.
    ❌ Your rain shell will not agree with ironing!

      Use the rounded edge of your ironing table to iron all 4 sides if you wish so:

      how to iron the side

      This is how your backpack will look brand new again.

      👉🏼 Remember to reattach the rain shell back in its zipper pocket at the bottom and voilà.